Kumohon kepada ALLAH setangkai bunga segar, kuperoleh kaktus berduri..
Kuminta pula rama2, ulat berbulu yang diberi..
Kusedih, kukecewa..namun kemudian,

kaktus itu berbunga indah sekali..dan ulat bulu itupun menjadi rama-rama yang berseri

.: Cerita Mama 2: my new friend :.

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Dania watched her favourite programme. Suddenly, she heard some noise from a house, beside her house.

“Oh, somebody is moving in. It is already long the house is left vacant.” said Dania.
In the evening, Dania and her mother, Puan Saleha went to their new neighbour’s house. They wanted to know more about them.

“Assalamualaikum. I am Kak Saleha and this is my daughter, Dania.” said Puan Saleha.

“Waalaikumsalam. My name is Baiduri. Dania, this is my daughter, Intan. Go and make friends with her.” replied Puan Baiduri.

Dania smiled to Intan. Dania was a jovial and friendly person. But Intan did not smile. Dania was surprised.

“Why didn’t she smile to me?” asked Dania.

Puan Baiduri smiled again.  She told Dania and her mother that Intan was blind.

“She is a special child.” said Puan Baiduri.

So, Dania approached Intan. She suspected Intan was arrogant person. She should not think nonsense about Intan. Intan was wearing a pair of sunglasses.

“Hi…I am Dania Nabila, and…what I your name? I am your new neighbor.” said Dania.

“Hi…my name is Intan. It is nice to meet you.

Since that day, Dania and Intan became a good friend. Dania was amazed with Intan. She is blind but she is wise. Intan could read Al-Quran correctly. She is also pretty. Dania realized that everything happened comes from Allah.

* All the best for my lovely friend, Fatin Hanim Binti Rosdi. May Allah bless you and stay cool at Sarawak.